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Subaru Legacy has won sales because of it’s Comfort and Performance

Posted in car, car news, car pictures, car review, Subaru by Qamar Rehman on March 5, 2009

subaru legacy

subaru legacy

Subaru have worked hard to lift the Legacy to compete alongside rivals such as BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 and Lexus IS. Does it this Subaru car meet customer expectations? Is Subaru Legacy at par with Ford Mondeo Estate?

Driving the Legacy gives us that sense that it is one of the best comfortable Estate, rather bought as a family car. It is very attractive and has many impressive lines and curves. The interior looks of the car are quite decent. The controls are clearly marked and are easy to use.

The Subaru Legacy is a fun to drive estate. The four-wheel-drive system contributes towards incredible grip and the strong body control ensures balanced handling and fine composure. The ride is normally comfy, even with the larger alloy wheels. The steering is accurate and responsive. This makes the driving quite smooth and the car is easy to handle.

subaru legacy

subaru legacy

Subaru Legacy is a more practical with proper justice to the storage space utilisation. It has enough leg-room. The boot is large, well shaped and holds a family’s luggage easily, but it’s not as spacious as those of some estate rivals such as Ford Mondeo.

Another thing that would impress its buyers is its Reliability. Subaru has a huge reputation for reliability, which is why it sells well in rural areas. So this Legacy should prove robust and durable. The Legacy scored a good four out of five stars in the EuroNCAP crash tests, and there have been a raft of improvements since the current model’s introduction in 2003.

subaru legacy

subaru legacy

Overall, the Subaru Legacy is an attractive family estate giving its drivers a comfortable journey and strong performance. Had it been little cheaper it would have won many sales. Can Subaru make cheaper Estate is the next question.

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